Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diana Kerekes the Radio Star

It started like a regular day. I was talking to my friend Scott O' Brien about projects he wanted to do. We were regular listeners on googlemetalkradio .We started kidding around how great it would be if we did our OWN show. Me, Diana Kerekes and as I call him "The Scott Obrien". So, I asked him kidding aside are you looking for a co-host, he said "do you want to do it" and I said"let's go". That was the beginning of my radio career on coffetalkradio.We debuted on 10/12/08 .I enjoy working with Scott O'Brien.

Our first show was on . We were both nervous. We decided we would go by a script. Well it was ok but we soon learned we had to be natural.Scott and I are able to just click.Our topics ranged from coffee, business ideas to even interviwing Raphael Louis who is running for the Prime Minister of Canada to Derek van DeerStet a famous composer .Can you imagine how we felt with such famous people on our show. We would just flow with the conversations.I was amazed how easy people started to recognize me. I didn't know how easy this would be.

Then as time passed and we were being successful, Jim Cobb from googlemetalk radio asked me in a casual conversation if I would consider co-hosting with him and Don Hill on googlemetalkradio. I was speechless. Then I said "of course I would love to do the show ".

I use to listen to the radio alot as I was growing up but never thought I would have two shows. Little did I know I would be doing four shows. The next show I created was credittalkradio with Sharmaine Murchison .I am a Certified Credit Counselor and we are working with a company that is endorsed by Lifelock, Anthony Robbins, Jordan Goodman and now AC Green called Financial Destinations. We discuss topics on how to improve your credit score, credit repair and so much more..

My fourth show I do is with Jose Carcano a police officer from Keleen Texas. We are talking about how a program with Emergency Identification stickers or EIS for short is Saving Lives.People need to proactive with their lives. Emergencies,missing children, missing adults happen everyday. Isn't it better to be prepared then not.

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